Bus Pirate demoboard v5a update changelog

Posted on Thursday, November 17th, 2011 in Bus Pirate accessories by DP

We made a few updates to the Bus Pirate demoboard v5 since the soldering video we posted yesterday. In version 5a we added:

  • A 3.3V pin to the ADC_IN header, to easily connect the AIN pin to 3.3V with a jumper.
  • A Diode D1 to separate the high programing voltage from the rest of the circuit.
  • A voltage protection circuit with resistor R3 and zener D2. It is unpopulated and the resistor R3 is short circuited. If someone uses voltage higher then 9V to program this board, they will need to cut the trace running under R3 and solder the zener and resistor.
  • different header names, and pinout text.
  • changes to the jumper selection pictorial to follow binary logic. 00,01,10,11 instead of the earlier version which had 00,10,01,11.
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5 Responses to “Bus Pirate demoboard v5a update changelog”

  1. Sjaak says:

    To clarify things a bit more about R3 and zener D2, it is to safely program this chip with pickit2 and ICD2 which use 12V as Vpp. 12V on Vpp will destroy the chip :(

  2. Filip says:

    Yup, PICKIT2 even the cheapest clones adjust the VPP voltage to the part, this is only for ICD type programmers

    • tayken says:

      Is ICD2 really that dumb? I know that I have to do some magic with GUI (selecting 16lf part before connecting Pickit2 to the circuit) so that I don’t burn 16lf but outputting 12V directly is weird.

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