Interface 16×2 LCD with Altera DE1 FPGA in VHDL

The Altera DE1 is an educational and development board based on the Cyclone II 2C20 FPGA and is commonly used in college and university courses on digital logic and FPGAs. Kiran writes to inform us of her tutorial on interfacing this board with the 16×2 LCD from Terasic.
Kiran writes:

Here is my tutorial for interfacing lcd display with FPGA using vhdl, down to bit level basic program. Helpful for beginners to learn VHDL and LCD interface signals with out use of any prewritten library.

You can check out the tutorial, including schematic and VHDL code on Kiran’s website. If you don’t have a Terasic LCD available, it appears that any standard 16×2 character LCD should work.

Via the contact form.

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  1. I`m beginner of using fpga.
    I wanna how to coding about lcd of fpga.
    Could you send me response?

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