A marriage proposal via a PCB design

Posted on Sunday, September 4th, 2011 in PCBs by NicholasCLewis

Bill Porter proposed to his girlfriend, Mara Tuchman, in a very unique way via a modified PCB design.  This was carried out with the help of James “Laen” Neal from DorkpotPDX.

Mara had designed a PCB for a project and Bill had the brilliant idea to use it to propose.

This is her first time getting a circuit board professionally fabricated, so I helped her prepare the design to be sent off to Laen’s DorkbotPDX service. That’s when I had the eureka moment. I don’t know of anyone else who had proposed on a circuit board in the past! She would never see it coming. As soon as the email to Laen was sent with the design files I quickly sent him another email asking for a favor; could he add a message to the boards for me? He agreed.


You can see in the pictures following the circuit boards with the question in the silk screen. Laen also threw in a ‘gold PCB ring’ as well. I didn’t think Eagle had ring size conversions for drill holes!

This is a very clever way to propose and it is always nice to see makers help each other to make special things happen.

Via Twitter (@laen & @Bill_Porter)

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5 Responses to “A marriage proposal via a PCB design”

  1. Arup says:

    The best and unique use of PCB in relationship.

  2. PCB Train says:

    What a great way to propose and celebrate the success of Mara having her first PCB fabricated. Although we’re sure the proposal is the more important part lol congratulations

  3. Bill says:

    Hey guys,

    I entered my proposal into a contest to win a honeymoon. You can see our entry and vote at!/entry/255355

    I would be awesome if you vote for us. You can vote once per day if you so choose. Thanks!

    • Arup says:

      Just voted. Hope the Facebook app doesn’t spams my timeline.

      • Bill says:

        Thanks Arup.

        The most harm the app does is give you the option to post that you voted. I think you can remove it from your authorized apps after that if you are worried. Or you could leave it and vote every day. ;-)

        It’s day one of voting it some entries already have 50 votes. So, we’re losing hope already. Looks like it’s going to be whoever has more Facebook friends…

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