Open Hardware Summit 2011: We’re doing a breakout

Posted on Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 in conferences by Ian

A few months ago we posted our proposals for the Open Hardware Summit. Today we got approval for a breakout session with our friend Eric from Seeed Studio. Thanks to the reviewers for considering our proposals and including thoughtful remarks.

We’ve been asked to coordinate with Eric on the general topic of parts libraries and manufacturing. Eric’s original topic was “An Open Component Library Ranked by Community”. The breakout will be approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.  We’ll write a short description for the printed program and post it up.

The Thermal Tweeter demonstration proposal will be answered shortly.

Our talk proposal on USB IDs was rejected, but that was expected. We’re like a cable access show, and the OHS is full of A-list open hardware celebrities. Nice notes from the anonymous reviewers though:

Rating: 5 (of 5)
I believe this is a good fit for the summit. In particular:

  • The topic is relevant to all OHS small businesses, in particular those that are unable to fund the $2,000 initial investment simply to obtain a USB vendor ID.
  • The topic describes a number of methods to work around the issue, and has a call to action to address the issue for the long-term.
  • As a designer who has implemented USB as an integral part of his product, I ran into this issue but did not progress far enough to worry about it (I wrote my software to simply identify the FTDI USB ID instead, which works if there are no other FTDI serial devices present.)
  • Ian has direct experience with the issue. USB is not well-understood, I think, until a company runs into this restriction, therefore it is good to get it out front of the community as new players rise to the level where they experience the USB licensing issues. I would like to see the bulk of the talk time spent discussing pragmatic approaches to dealing with the issue, and only a small amount of time spent discussing lobbying the USB forum. In part because the audience needs the former information most urgently and the latter is a slow moving process that requires a more elaborate effort.

Rating: 5 (of 5)
Very recommended. The cost of doing USB is ridiculous, but USB is often the best way of providing data and power to devices. I’d love to see a discussion of how to change the current USB licensing arrangement or of creating an organization to help smaller outfits be fully “”legal”” in the eyes of USB-IF. Ian at DangerousPrototypes is a very skilled hacker with long experience in USB. He makes some really cool devices.

Thanks again to the reviewers, and everyone organizing the Open Hardware Summit. We look forward to seeing you there in September, tickets will go on sale soon.

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5 Responses to “Open Hardware Summit 2011: We’re doing a breakout”

  1. George says:

    Any word on why the USB ID talk was rejected? I was looking forward to that more than any other talk

    • Ian says:

      I figure it was a little specific for a general group talk. Those slots probably go to motivational open source visionaries, rather than someone talking about a specific problem. The two reviewers both had really nice things to say, maybe next year.

      • tayken says:

        Maybe we can have some sort of talk at Make Tokyo Meeting which will be held this November (hopefully). Last year Mitch, Nick and some others talked about hackerspace related stuff (I guess, I was busy at THS booth). If the event will be held, we can arrange some sort of video conference for this. I’m willing to do all the work on this end, you’ll just have to talk and look nice :D

      • Ian says:

        When in November? I was looking at 2-9 to be in China, maybe I can schedule in there.

      • tayken says:

        I have no idea, they didn’t announce it yet, but last year it was on November 20th – 21st. Hopefully it will be held this year, the one in April (or May?) got cancelled because of the quake. You might want to tag along with Hackers on a Plane if you are interested (though dates might not be suitable)

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