OpenPicus WIFI development board winner

Today we announce the winner of the OpenPicus WIFI development board. There were lots of creative project ideas, thanks for your submissions.

Congratulations to Tom, his idea for WIFI-controlled theater props scored him the OpenPicus starter kit:

I build custom lighting, props and scenic effects for the theatre.As these things are very mobile on the stage, it’s a real challenge getting control signals to them.This looks like a neat solution for controlling these complex props via DMX, over ArtNet, over WiFi – all of which are common in our theatrical environments.While the IDE will speed development, since I’m already a PIC user, I look forward to some lower level hacking too!

Thanks to OpenPicus for the freebie.

Every time we get a press release we ask for free stuff to give you, we’ll try to have a giveaway at least every-other week.

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  1. Thanks everyone! The kit arrived today, so I shall start tinkering later – will let you all know how I get on.

  2. hi im interested in the wireless dmx via artnet option . im a newbie to pcb . would anyone be able to help me on this . we can work out a payment for this .

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