Video: DSP/SDR basics

Here’s Jeri Ellsworth’s latest video, explaining the basics of DSP and SDR for beginners, and how to build a digital direct conversion receiver (SDR) using sampling detectors and FPGA DSP processing. (If you want to skip the silly cat portion of the video, start at 1:25.)

The links referred to in the video are below:
Useful direct conversion receiver links.

NOTE: This last link is a searchable online book entitled, “The Scientist and Engineer’s Guide to Digital Signal Processing”, by Steven W. Smith, Ph.D. Very deep tech, but worth looking at.

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    1. Please do yourselves a favor and get a copy of the “Understanding Digital Signal Processing” by Rick Lyons. The first couple of chapters what makes this tome stand out from the pack. I wish I had this book for reference when I was taking grad level DSP course.

      And Jerri is Awesome!. Ive got to check her new videos on the cleaving wafers stuff!….

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