IBM Thinkpad T30 Bios password reset with the Bus Pirate

Using the Bus Pirate to read the SVP supervisor power on password off an IBM T30 Thinkpad:

A friend of mine recently came upon an old IBM T30 Thinkpad at an auction for $40.  Bringing it home, he found that there was a power-on supervisor password.  This can’t be reset by removing the battery, as the pswd is stored on an EEPROM on the motherboard….. So it came to me!

I recently purchased a Bus Pirate v3 from Seeedstudio, and decided to give it a quick test run..

Thanks Marcin! Via the contact form.

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  1. This is great! I’m actually typing this message on an IBM ThinkPad T30 I saved from the junk heap. It’s a great laptop. Most of my machines are rescued cast-offs. It is not only far cheaper than buying new machines, it makes sense environmentally.

  2. I’ve just purchased the Bus Pirate and it has yet to arrive to me. I’m empressed with reviews from those who have used it. I’m going to tackle rescuing an IBM A30 laptop’s Supervisor Password. I wanted to know how to get started once I get my hands on it.

  3. Purchased an IBM Think-pad several years ago, about 2 years ago I wanted to use it again and a lock
    appeared in the upper left hand corner of the screen. I tried everything but still no progress. What do I have to
    do to get this operational again. It was purchased from a firm in Maine and they can’t give me the password. What can I do? I am on social security and cannot afford extreme repair prices. Can you guide me as how I might get this running again? Please respond.

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