CNET free PC Lock™ software today only

OK, so it isn’t open source… but it is free (today only)! CNET is making available FREE downloads of PC Lock™ privacy encryption software for your PC. Just visit this link and follow the instructions. It will provide you with a free download and registration key. You will not be asked for credit card information. This is courtesy of CNET, and expires later today May 21, 2011.

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    1. No. We learned of this giveaway from CNET and thought some readers may be interested. Truecrypt and other OSS encryption programs are good. How good? Some may want to evaluate the commercial alternative (for free) and decide for themselves based upon individual needs and preferences.

  1. Yeah I guess I don’t get it with Truecrypt ( being available why anyone would bother with proprietary closed stuff. I’d imagine it’s probably more secure than most ‘professional’ products as well.

  2. @Machinegeek,

    OK, you had me worried there. Not that I object to you getting paid to post something on your own Blog, in-fact it is the opposite – you make money, you survive, we get more dangerous stuff. But to keep us coming back, avoid posting crud. This is crud in my humble opinion.

    Why? Because I agree with @Gridstop – the likes of Truecrypt have undergone deep scrutiny due to it’s open nature – hence I tend to trust it more than I would something totally closed that has been price-slashed just to get market exposure.

    Also, we’ve all be burned by these offers of “free” software, only to get smacked with a cost to “upgrade” to the next version. Shady stuff. Good commercial software that meets a real need and sells at a fair price doesn’t need to stoop this low.

    If anyone really want to spend time downloading and testing closed pay-for software just for fun (or self-abuse), there’s a whole site dedicated to “giving away” this stuff for “free” – one application per day. It’s called “Giveaway of the Day” (GAOTD). There are likely other sites like this, but on this site I find the people in the comments section often provide valuable feedback. Here’s the link:

    Remember to wear a condom…

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