Microchip introduces PIC16LF190X 8-bit PIC® MCUs with integrated LCD control

Microchip has announced an expansion of its 8-bit segmented LCD microcontroller (MCU) family with five new devices—the PIC16LF1902/3/4/6/7 (PIC16LF190X) MCUs. The PIC16LF190X family supports many general-purpose applications and enables the implementation of LCD into low-power and cost-sensitive designs, such as security tokens, smart cards, medical devices, home appliances, key fobs or any application involving a segmented LCD.

The chips are available in 28- and 40-pin PDIP. Other packages include SOIC, SSOP, UQFN and TQFP, and operate over a 1.8-3.6V range featuring nanoWatt XLP Technology. ICSP and debugging can be accomplished via two pins. A 16 MHz internal oscillator and 31 kHz low-power internal oscillator are included, along with 10-bit resolution ADC (up to 11 channels). The 16LF1904/6/7 also provide one EUSART port with auto baud detect.

The Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) driver module generates the timing control to drive a static or multiplexed LCD panel. In the PIC16LF1902/3 device, the module drives the panels of up to four commons and up to 72 total segments. The LCD module also provides control of the LCD pixel data.

Check out the Microchip press release, family product brief, and the PIC16LF1902/3 datasheet. Microchip indicates product pricing starting around $1 per device, and that samples are available.

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