OpenPicus wireless development platform

OpenPicus is working on open source wireless hardware and a free application development platform.  The current WIFI hardware has a PIC 24FJ256GA106 microcontroller, and an MRF24WB0MA module provides the wireless.

An Arduino-like IDE has libraries and frameworks to simplify wireless development. If you have the grit to develop a wireless app without a proper debugging tool, then the firmware can be updated over USB via a bootloader in the PIC.

They sent a press release through the contact form. We asked for a sample, and got one. After we test it we’ll give it away in the comments.

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  1. Too bad microchip didn’t document the wifimodule :( I could only find a datasheet with just 10 pages or so.

    BUt it is a nice module :)

  2. @Sjaak

    You’re supposed to just use it with the Microchip TCP/IP stack and thats why its so poorly documented :( The datasheet tells me everything about the module except how to actually use it! Bit silly that the interface details are hidden elsewhere or that you need to reverse engineer it.

    I’ve got a similar module from Redpine because of the Renesas RX62N contest.

  3. There is a programming manual which documents all the commands but I don’t have it as this module is designed for usage with the RX62N and therefore comes with the necessary RX62N source code to driver it. I assume that you’d be able to request it though as its listed as available on their website.

    It doesn’t look particularly complicated to drive though. The demo is mostly self contained.

    1. Can you please give me the link which has the code which has some comments. I would like lower level access to the MRF24WB0MB for my application. Using the TCP/IP stack would be too complex for me. Can you please send me that programming manual, or where I can access it.

      1. How do I get that information and how do I sign the non-disclosure agreement. I do not mind signing the agreement. I have to have lower level access to the WIFI module in my application and I have no interest in divulging protected stuff.

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