Teflon insulated wire trivia

AkosL writes in with a prototyping tip:

Try teflon insulated wires. (Or other heat/wear resistant insulation materials).  Why?

The insulation is very resistant compared to “common” insulator materials. Both mechanically, and heat resistant (the one right in front of me is rated to temperatures between -60°C to +200°C). You could solder just few millimeters from it for a short time.

Pretty thin too. Not suitable for high currents, but you can push one wire through one hole in a proto-board.

Available in several colors, i have about six colors.

Of course they are not exactly cheap, but not crazily expensive: iirc bought @0.5$/meter.

Read more about Teflon coated wire.

Thanks AkosL! Via the contact form.

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  1. I’ve been using it for a while, it makes good cables for debuggers, when you have a non standard pinout.

  2. Welcome to my world, A.E. Petsche teflon insulated wire and shielded multi-conductor cable are used in our avionics shop to create all our wiring harnesses. Available from 24 to 0 ga. we use it extensively in everything from Glass Cockpit EFIS harnesses to battery cables.

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