27C3: File – Print – Electronics

In this presentation from the 27C3 conference held recently in Berlin, Germany, Jeff Gough demonstrates the next step in hardware development, the circuit board printer. As an alternative to dependence on prefab dev boards and kits, Jeff outlines his efforts in reverse engineering an Epson inkjet printer to build a rapid prototyping machine for circuit boards.

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  1. Folks, it is pointless to post these videos as they are obviously a live feed. Whenever you post it, the event is long over already!

  2. around 41:00 in the video, you can see a logic sniffer put to use during the reverse engineering portion. nice to know it’s being put to work around the world!

  3. Thanks for showing the videos for the people that weren’t able to watch the live feeds or attend because were on the other side of the world

  4. yes, thank you from yet another side of the world. where the internet connections are slow and live feeds are not really possible.

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