Free Renesas RX62N dev board

Posted on Thursday, December 30th, 2010 in dev boards by 7

The Renesas RX62N is a demonstration kit for a Renesas controller chip. The controller has a boat-load of features: 32-bits, DMA, 9 DSP instructions, Connectable SDRam Interface, 10/100Mbps Ethernet Controller, USB 2.0 with OTG possible, CAN module, AD converter, DA converter, 100MHz max operating frequency, CRC Calculator, plus many more.

The demo board has a lot of interesting features to play with:  Ethernet, USB Host/OTG, CAN, LCD, microphone, speakers/audio out, Micro SD, serial port, temperature sensor, and 3-axis accelerometer

We got it as a free kit by joining their contest. Unfortunately, the free kit limit has been reached.

Application notes and sample code are available.

Read more about our impressions of the kit after the break.

Using and programming this kit is very easy. The instructions on Getting Started guide manual is awesome and it gives you a thorough guide on generating projects based on the sample codes.

As of the moment, we were able to play with the LCD, I2C Temperature Sensor, 3-axis Accelerometer, Ethernet using uIP open-source TCP/IP stack, and the speaker(buzzing sound only).

We were able to communicate our Android phones to the RX62N through a wifi router –> Lan Port –> Ethernet of RX62N.

So far, we observed that the documentation and the sample codes and Renesas Peripheral Driver Libraries are good and helpful.

If you are already a participant of the Renesas contest, you will be able to request for free Redpine Wifi Card.

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10 Responses to “Free Renesas RX62N dev board”

  1. jeanyves says:

    the “free” card costed me 54 euros of VAT …
    shame they sended a heavy costly book with it they could have sent in pdf…

    contest is fine, but the shipping of it was not …

    • IPenguin says:

      The rules clearly state that contestants outside of the US are responsible for taxes, duties, tarrifs … under “Contest Kits and Shipping” pretty much at the top! I’d rather blame the government of your country for looting their citizens with a ludicrously high VAT (of 19.8% or even higher?) but not Renesas for giving away a very advanced and well documented development kit.

      Btw. registered companies in all EU countries are eligible for full VAT/import tax refund ;)

      Good luck to all who will enter the contest!

      • jeanyves says:

        I don’t blame for renesas or countries duties or so on …
        I blame for the heavy book that was sended with the card and was priced $150
        it made a far greater vat compared to the $99 of the card and could have been send by pdf and save some trees …

  2. GWDeveloper says:

    My kit only came with a cd. Currently running FreeRTOS with a few i2c tasks. Need to get LCD support working as well.

  3. ben says:

    How did you get the ethernet to work? I have not been able to even get it to ping, or get ping’ed!

    The example applications included doesn’t seem to have projects that exercise all the peripherals (ethernet, usb, etc), so could it be I have a defective board?

    • GWDeveloper says:

      If you’re using FreeRTOS, you need to make sure you edit FreeRTOSConfig.h. Scroll all the way to the bottom and set your IP. It’s not configured for DHCP.

    • Todd says:

      Micrium Demo 5 shows the Ethernet (Use the Micrium Quick Start Guide – or better yet download the book from the Renesas site and follow its instructions) and the USB projects are in the Renesas Project Examples (Use the Renesas Quick start Guide).

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