Bus Pirate firmware v5.9

Bus Pirate firmware v5.9 is ready to download. It’s been a while since the last release, this time we have some exciting new features and bug fixes. The Bus Pirate documentation has been updated to reflect these changes.

This version includes awesome new terminal features. Up/down arrows scroll through the history, and left/right/delete/insert are supported for editing. The download also includes the first Bus Pirate bonus firmware. It includes a few extra modes we couldn’t fit into the main firmware.

Read about the firmware update process for the ds30 Loader GUI (Windows/Linux) and pirate-loader console app (Windows/Linux/Mac). This firmware requires the v4+ bootloader, be sure you upgrade to the v4 bootloader first if you still have bootloader v2.

What do you want in firmware v6?

Get a Bus Pirate v3b for $30, including worldwide shipping at Seeed Studio. Also available at Adafruit and Open Source Control Systems. Each purchase supports further development of this open source project.

This release is way overdue. We didn’t realize the last release didn’t include features we’ve been lovin’ like the new arrow key support.

Enjoy the new bonus firmware too, it’s got the PC keyboard mode, and a user terminal mode that’s similar to the binary IO mode.

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  1. “New VT100 terminal support: up/down arrow keys scroll through history; left/right arrow key, delete/insert support for editing”
    I didn’t test this yet, but I think I’ll love this feature. I catch myself trying to do this regularly :(.

  2. Sounds like a fantastic upgrade – will update mine immediately when it arrives (fingers crossed) from Seeed next week! :-)

    By the way, why not have an entirely PC-based interface to the BP? Then advanced command line editing features could just be handled by the GNU readline library. Or are there people keen to use the BP from an actual dumb term?

  3. I think there are some initiatives for a BP dedicated GUI, but I’m not sure if they really took of.

    A special pc-based interface could be very useful, I think Ian posted some ideas on the forums, but I can’t seem to find the post. But on the other hand, I like how you can just plug in this baby and use it on any pc.

  4. Thanks for the links, Ruud. I wasn’t thinking of a GUI so much as an extension of the current interface implemented on the PC side. I might have a go at doing something like this myself.

    The portability aspect of the current interface is nice – hadn’t thought of that. Although I don’t expect mine to stray too far from my workbench. :)

    1. Tim, perhaps is the binary mode of any use for you. This is made especially for interaction between applications and the buspirate.

      Beside the protablility of a commandline I like them more then a gui, because I hate to switch between mouse and keyboard all the time to get my input in….

  5. Just some minor cosmetic ‘bug’ report: the help command (?) still lists h Commandhistory, which is replaced by the arrow key support..
    Should I add this to the google code issue tracker?

    1. Thanks for the bug report. It’s best to mention it in the 5.10/v6 development forum where we track our progress.

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