Flash Destroyer: Dead at 11.49 million

Some time between 8:00 and 9:00 UTC the Flash Destroyer reached 11.49 million write cycles and detected a verify error. The final count is 11,494,06X, the last digit is X because we won’t know what it is until we read it from the PIC over USB. The destruction started at 8:11 UTC on May 25, and it took almost exactly 13days to reach the first error.

The verify error will be live on ustream for the next day, then we’ll do some analysis to determine where the error occurred, how many cells it effects, and if it persists after a reset.

You guessed the final count when the EEPROM died. DavE got the closest (11,500,000), followed by Tagno25 (11,527,253), and Jason (11,700,000). Dave, Tagno25, and Jason will each get a couple free PCBs. If we made a mistake and missed your guess, please let us know. Thanks for participating, we had a blast with this project.

You can preorder the Flash Destroyer ‘I like to solder’ kit for $30, including worldwide shipping.

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  1. You should send one to Steve Jobs — he’s been trying to destroy flash for a few months now.

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