#twatch firmware with backlight enabled


The white-on-blue screen that shipped with the #twatch really requires the backlight to be visible. Here’s an updated firmware that has the backlight on at power-up. The new firmware is loaded over the network using tools already available in most operating systems, Windows instructions here.

We apologize for the lack of refinement. We prototyped with a cheap grey-on-green screen that didn’t normally require the backlight. The firmware posted to the Google Code project page went into the Seeed #twatches unmodified to ensure that yours matched the original. Everyone would probably have preferred that the #twatch ship with the backlight enabled by default.

In the next update we’ll tweak the refresh rate and scrolling speed. Do you have any other specific requests for the standard #twatch firmware?

Image by andrewholmes.

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  1. Maybe it would be nice to turn the backlight on / off by trapping a printed character? Or is this already possible. So that you could say, send a string to it to flash the screen to grab someones attention as an alert (ie, a new mail message, urgent news, server down, etc).

  2. I had my twatch in a box for a couple of years. I finally cracked it out yesterday and found the backlight wasn’t backlighting. So I took a more hardware oriented approach and soldered pin 16 of the LCD connection to ground.

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