Bus Pirate preorder 2: new bootloader, no firmware


We’ve got another update on Hack a Day’s Bus Pirate v2go preorder 2 firmware. It would be nice if Hack a Day wrote a short post too, since this was their fundraiser.

Seeed made sure everyone got the latest bootloader version (v2) because you have to program that through the ICSP header with a real programmer. They didn’t upload a firmware, so you have to get the latest firmware and upload it using the normal Bus Pirate USB update procedure (Linux/OSX).  Since there’s no existing firmware on the PIC, the bootloader starts automatically. You don’t need a jumper between the PGC and PGD pins. You can tell the v2 bootloader is active if the MODE LED lights immediately after power-on.

The good news is that you got an upgrade to bootloader v2, but you have to update to the latest firmware yourself. Preorder 2 would otherwise have shipped with v0g firmware, you’d probably want to update it to the latest firmware anyways. If you have any questions, or need help bootloading your firmware, please give us a shout in the Bus Pirate forum.

Future Bus Pirate orders WILL ship with both the bootloader and the most recent firmware. Read a bit more about the situation below.

Ian (that’s me) prepared a combined bootloader+firmware dump with version v0g Bus Pirate files while he was still writing at Hack a Day. The combined dump was used to program the bootloader and firmware into the PIC in one step on the assembly line. This dump was used for preorder 1.

While chips were slowly making their way to Seeed for preorder 2, we released several new versions of the Bus Pirate firmware and Ian left Hack a Day. Seeed wanted everyone to have the latest bootloader because you can only update that with a ‘real programmer’, but nobody a Hack a Day could create a new combined firmware dump for manufacturing. We would have been happy to do it, but nobody asked.

Future Bus Pirate orders WILL ship with both the bootloader and the most recent firmware.

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  1. Fsk that, what the hell?!? hackaday got my money and they didn’t bother to tell me that I needed to upload the firmware? I spent an hour messing around before I found your site.

    hackaday FAIL!

  2. I found an old v2go I had never used. Have not been able to talk to it on the console. When I plug it in, I get the red power LED, an a very brief blink of green in the lower left, but then nothing. Tried a couple different computers, both Linux and OS X.

    I found this mention of missing firmware, but the mode light is not on, and stranger yet, when I jumper PGC/PGD and reapply power, still no mode light.

    I found the order confirmation email, ordered 29 June, 2009 from Seeed, shipped 15 July, 2009. Any chance this doesn’t have a boot loader? Or is it just completely broken? I don’t think I have a PIC programmer, so I’d rather not try and find one if that is probably not going to help.

    Thank you.

    1. I’m not certain. If you send me your address through the contact form I’ll send a replacement or give you my address to mail for repair.

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