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App note: Design considerations for single-sided sensing applications of reflective assemblies

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App note from TT Electronics on reflective assemblies and the surfaces they need to effectively detect/sense. A reflective sensor provides a major mounting advantage to the designer because only one side of a sensing surface is required. However, there are … Read more

App note: Introduction to USB Power delivery applications

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Another application note from Microchip, an introduction to USB Power delivery applications (PDF!): This document is designed for systems and hardware engineers seeking the information necessary to begin to integrating USB Power Delivery (under Power Delivery Specification Rev 1.0) into their designs … Read more

Running LED dice

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Raj over at Embedded Lab has published a new build, a running LED dice using PIC12LF1822 microcontroller: This project is about a similar LED dice but with a slightly different output form. It uses 6 LEDs which are arranged in a circular … Read more

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OpenSprinkler Firmware 2.1.1 new feature: Control remote power sockets

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We previously covered Ray’s OpenSprinkler. Now it has added a new feature to remotely toggle radio frequency power sockets: This allows OpenSprinkler to not only switch sprinkler valves, but also easily control powerline devices such as lights, heaters, pumps, fans. … Read more