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Graphic equalizer display using ESP8266-12, MSGEQ7 and WS2812

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Amir Avni made a graphic equalizer display using ESP8266-12, MSGEQ7 and WS2812: Finally, I’ve created a this project: An equalizer display controlled by ESP8266 with the NodeMCU firmware, where the equalizer colors are controlled via WiFi Project info at whatimadetoday … Read more

Easy Pulse Plugin, an Arduino pulse sensor

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Raj over at Embedded Lab has written an article detailing the new version of their Easy Pulse Sensor: the Easy Pulse Plugin, an Arduino and chipKIT compatible pulse sensor based on Photoplethysmography Today we are happy to announce the release of a new addition to … Read more

App note: Improving ADC resolution by oversampling and averaging

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Silicon Labs’ application note (PDF!) on improving ADC resolution  by oversampling and averaging: This application note describes utilizing oversampling and averaging to increase the resolution and SNR of analog-to-digital conversions. Oversampling and averaging can increase the resolution of a measurement without resorting … Read more