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Lasercut strip feeder for your pick & place

Do you need a strip feeder for your pick & place?  Felix of LowPowerLab  shows you how to easily make a DIY strip feeder: So let’s make a strip feeder. I have lots of components that are less than a full reel (exotic resistors,...
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Microphone PCB from Dirty PCBs

ntractiv’s another project from Dirty PCBs, the Microphone PCB:

Digital Zoetrope

Sholto wrote this instructable detailing the build of his digital zoetrope: A zoetrope is a mechanical device that animates a series of pictures by spinning them fast enough that the images appear to merge together and move, My digital zoetrope...
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How to recover a laptop after a failed BIOS update

Viktor describes on his website how he used the Bus Pirate to recover a laptop after a failed BIOS update: Once I had to open the laptop to fix it I decided to take this opportunity to explore the options there are for fixing the broken BIOS and...
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Yet another laser cut Open Bench Logic Sniffer case

  Yet another laser cut Open Bench Logic Sniffer case by builttospec: This one is a bit thinner thanks to the use of brass inserts and 0.06″ acryic for the board layer. The PCB is nice and secure and the buttons are easily...
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Mini FM transmitter

electronics-diy shows you how to easily make a mini FM transmitter: It transmits FM waves so you could easily receive the signals on your mobile phone, radios, etc. As the name and the picture indicates it is very small and is approximately the...
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How to hack a manual control into a cheap DMX dimmer

This article shows how to hack a manual control into a cheap DMX dimmer by Miceuz and Rxdtxd of wemakethings; One of our friends wanted to have a manual-control LED dimmer for his stop motion setup. We had several of these cheap Chinese DMX...
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#FreePCB via Twitter to 2 random RTs

Every Tuesday we give away two coupons for the free PCB drawer via Twitter. This post was announced on Twitter, and in 24 hours we’ll send coupon codes to two random retweeters. Don’t forget there’s free PCBs three times a every...
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Eurorack power supply from Dirty PCBs

ntractiv posted pictures of his Eurorack power supply from Dirty PCBs. Via Flickr.    

Sniffing I2C traffic with a Bus Pirate

Joshua shows us how he sniff the I2C traffic with the Bus Pirate: As far as wiring and software setup, it’s the exact same from the previous post with the exception of adding on the Bus Pirate connections to the SDA and SCLK pins, along...
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