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Tiny ATtiny Node

Tiny ATtiny Node with temperature sensor project at Arduino Praxis: Tiny sensor board with ATtiny84 and RFM12B Transceiver. The size of the PCB is 25 x 30mm, sightly larger than a canadian quarter coin.

$2 DIY compost thermometer build

afraser-kruck wrote this instructable detailing his DIY compost thermometer build: Here are some basic instructions on how to build a $2 compost thermometer using readily available supplies. It looks crappy (in a good rustic kind of way), but...
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120 seconds voice record – play back

A message recording board capable of recording 120 secs of audio by Rajkumar Sharma over at Electronics Lab: This project is designed around ISD25120 which can store 120 Seconds audio. Recording and playback operations are controlled with tact...
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Dirty DIY stencils

Matt Mets of Blinkinlabs shared a tutorial on making solder paste stencils quickly by hand: This is a truly quick and dirty method for making solder masks, and is nice because it only requires a few hand tools. It’s great for situations when you...
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Digitally controlled bench PSU project update

An update on Bertho’s digitally controlled bench PSU project, we wrote about it previously: Finally some spare time to get the PCBs finished and on order. Lets see how many brainfarts are there to be discovered ;-) Expected delivery in a...
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NTSC video signal generation demystified

Sagar has posted the final installment on his blog series demystifying the NTSC video standard. NTSC progressive scanning mode and simpler sync methods are not well documented and this issue is addressed here. Producing video signals by going to...
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Cheap entropy using RTL-SDR dongle

We’ve seen the RTL-SDR dongle used for a number of interesting projects, but here’s an unusual one not directly related to signal monitoring. Noel Bourke was considering the topic of entropy and randomness as it relates to encryption and...
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App note: Surface mount LEDs- applications

How to use SMD LEDs to replace through hole LEDs, this app note (PDF) from OSRAM discusses about light guides/pipes, backlighting and lenses to channel its display efficiently. The use of SMT-TOPLED varies greatly from the use of traditional...
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Free PCB Sunday: Pick your PCB

We go through a lot of prototype PCBs, and end up with lots of extras that we’ll never use. Every Sunday we give away a few PCBs from one of our past or future projects, or a related prototype. Our PCBs are made through Seeed Studio’s Fusion...
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App note: Analog switch allows USB switching at low voltages

Multiplexing USB pins using analog switches solves pin sharing between devices. Here’s a good app note(PDF) from ON Semiconductor. NLAS2066 is a dual SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) switch with over-voltage tolerance (OVT) in its input pins....
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