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ArTICL: Arduino TI Calculator Linking Library

KermMartian over at Cemetech writes: The ArTICL library (pronounced “article”) lets Arduino programs send and receive TI link protocol-formatted packets at a low level. In addition, it includes a CBL2 class that lets the calculator...
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DS3231 RTC control and theory with the Bus Pirate

@omwah tweeted, “Article I wrote on controlling the Maxim DS3231 RTC with the Bus Pirate” The Maxim DS3231 is an accurate, yet relatively expensive real time clock (RTC). It has an integrated temperature compensated crystal and...
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Modification of the Lexmark E260 for direct laser printing of printed circuit boards – MCU version

mlerman writes: After trying several brands and models of laser printer, the printer I have settled on is the Lexmark E260. I use it because: 1 – It has an excellent Local Printer Utility that allows almost every printing parameter to be...
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Portable bluetooth-enabled scrolling LED matrix display

An open-source cascadable 8×8 LED matrix module using Arduino and MAX7219 from Embedded Lab: Easy Matrix is a cascadable 8×8 LED matrix module with the MAX7219 chip on board, which allows to control the display with only 3 I/O pins from...
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Hackers in Shenzhen: Pooya from Iran

Pooya from Iran talks about his experience in Shenzhen, China. There’s more and more hackers visiting Shenzhen to check out the world’s largest electronics market and manufacturing ecosystem. This semi-regular series asks who they are...
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New MurchLabs TinyLoadr Shield

Jeff Murchison has released a new version of my TinyLoadr Shield, which was used for programming ATmegas and ATtinys using your Arduino. The new version is just a USBtinyISP-based programmer with a ZIF socket for DIP microcontrollers and 10 and...
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A programmable power lamp shield based on Slenduino

Orlando Cosimo writes: A Programmable Power Lamp shield based on Slenduino…. not only a lamp. In this project we want to solve a typical problem that everyone can get when have to switch on-off an high power led. And, at the same time, to...
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Voice echo project

A voice echo module with build-in amplifier project by Rajkumar Sharma of Electronics Lab: A project has been designed around Holteks Ht8970 voice echo IC. Project can be used in various audio systems karaoke, toys, animatronics, show, display,...
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Back to the mc-17 remote control

Tim writes: After the Maker Faire, I went back to the Graupner mc-17 remote control. The Arduino library from tronixstuff for the KTM-S1201 LCD which is also using a mPD7225 controller was a good starting point. But to get the LCD up and running,...
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Using the AS5048A angle sensor

Richard from Zoetrope wrote this blog article about a PCB to make using the AS5048A angle sensor really easy. He used dirtyPCBs for the board, and Zoetrope will be giving a few of them away. Via the contact form.