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App note: HV823 & HV825 EL lamp driver circuits

App note from Microchip on their EL lamp drivers circuits utilizing (Supertex) HV823 and HV825, App note here. This application note presents fourteen EL driver circuits utilizing the Supertex HV823 and HV825 drivers. They have been optimized for...
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App note: Understanding and using cyclic redundancy checks with Maxim 1-wire and iButton products

Understanding and using cyclic redundancy checks with Maxim 1-wire and iButton products, application note here (PDF!) from Maxim: All 1-Wire® devices, including iButton® devices, contain an 8-byte unique registration number in read-only memory...
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Free PCB coupon via Facebook to 2 random commenters

Every Friday we give away some extra PCBs via Facebook. This post was announced on Facebook, and on Monday we’ll send coupon codes to two random commenters. The coupon code usually go to Facebook ‘Other’ Messages Folder . More PCBs via...
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Bus Pirate v3.8 free PCB build

‏ @ursudima tweeted picture of his free Bus Pirate v3.8 PCB build. The Bus Pirate is an open source hacker multi-tool that talks to electronic stuff. If you build a free PCB we’ll send you another one! Blog about it, post a picture on...
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Teensy audio library gets S/PDIF support

Paul over at DorkbotPDX has written an article on Teensy Audio Library with S/PDIF support: Thanks to the amazing effort of Frank Boesing, the Teensy Audio Library now has native S/PDIF output. Using a $1 TOSLINK connector, or just a red LED, you...
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TinySensor server

Steve’s TinySensor server project, that is available at Github: Well after almost a year I decided it was time to update this project with improvements to both its hardware and software. On the hardware side, the server is still the...
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LiTiny- A Tiny LiIon charger for most things battery

Rohit Gupta made this LiTiny project, a tiny LiIon charger: In the end I had a LiIon charger capable of charging batteries @700mA restricted due to thermal dissipation limits of home made PCBs. Project details at Rohit’s blog.

DIY soldering station

MatthiasW over at DebuggingLab posted his DIY Weller station clone project, that is available at Github: At the Forum I read about a DIY Weller station. Basically an Arduino shield to drive a Weller soldering tip. As there is not...
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EAGLE BOM generation script

Dilshan Jayakody writes: This is a quick post about EAGLE parts list generation script which I was written to replace existing “part2html.ulp”. This script generates more organized and detailed BOM HTML file and it can directly replace...
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#FreePCB via Twitter to 2 random RTs

Every Tuesday we give away two coupons for the free PCB drawer via Twitter. This post was announced on Twitter, and in 24 hours we’ll send coupon codes to two random retweeters. Don’t forget there’s free PCBs three times a every...
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