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Free PCB coupon via Facebook to 2 random commenters

Every Friday we give away some extra PCBs via Facebook. This post was announced on Facebook, and on Monday we’ll send coupon codes two random commenters. More PCBs via Twitter on Tuesday and the blog every Sunday. Don’t forget...
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Week in (p)review October 24, 2014

Here’s a summary of major developments over the last week. Free PCB Friday is coming up soon. DIRTY TUESDAY: Measure PCBs and create images from gerber files Hackers in Shenzhen: Darshan from India Bus Pirate smart card shield by Yaehob Check...
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WiFi globalCALCnet with the Spark Core

A wireless calculator networking with WiFi gCn using the Spark Core.  KermMartian of Cemetech writes: This current project achieves all the goals of that project, and more: it provides a computer-free way to connect calculators to the internet,...
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Yet another dirty boards from DirtyPCBs

@SUSpaceflight tweeted picture of his dirty boards from DirtyPCBs: GPS trackers for HABs with LoRa/RTTY modems. The larger board is a basestation with BT/USB/LCD  

60 seconds voice record – playback module

A 60 seconds voice record – playback module project by Rajkumar Sharma of Electronics Lab: Voice Module 60 Sec project will playback and record up to 60 seconds of voice message. This circuit is an excellent choice to add voice to your...
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Optically controlled servo motor

Dilshan Jayakody  writes: This is demonstration project to control servo motor movement using physical marker and normal video camera. In this project video camera capture the movements of marker and calculate rotation angle based on that. This...
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Hackers in Shenzhen: Darshan from India

Darshan from India talks about his experience in Shenzhen, China. There’s more and more hackers visiting Shenzhen to check out the world’s largest electronics market and manufacturing ecosystem. This semi-regular series asks who they are...
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DirtyPCB NanoSeeker v2.1

Jon Hylands writes: So I built a board tonight, and its working (after removing and rotating one of the h-bridge chips I put on backwards). I’ve validated that micropython works on it, and I can turn on and off the four LEDs. I’ve also...
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Using a standard coil for NFC tag implant reading

Limpkin writes: Who knew it’d be possible to use this coil to read NFC tags? A while ago I backed the xNT campaign , which aimed at making an NTAG216 based NFC implant for different purposes. After a few months of waiting and a few weeks of...
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Update on CERN’s investment in KiCAD

From the comments on our Cadsoft Eagle review post: Cern’s team is hard at work. You can see the list of their projects here The code is being contributed to the official Kicad’s repository, just it may not be in the release version yet,...
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