A DIY laser engraver build using DVD and CD-ROM/writer

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Laser Engraver 38x38_cdrom_1

Here’s a DIY 38mm x 38mm laser engraver build using CD-ROM/writer on ATmega328p by Davide Gironi:

A laser engraving machine, is a tool that uses lasers to engrave an object.
To build this tool I’ve used two old CD-ROM writer that lays around in my garage.
The X/Y positioning system it is build using the CD-ROM motor assembly. For the engraving laser i use the CD-ROM writer laser.
With this hardware the engraving area are will be almost 38mm x 38mm.

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. IT-Wizard says:

    I really like this project; it is an cheap and easy way to approach the cnc world.
    I found the same one elsewhere :

  2. GUL MUHAMMAD says:

    Hello sir,
    I am working on project titled LASER ENGRAVING MACHINE, i have few some problem to discuss.
    first I have question that is dvd RW laser is capable enough to engrave wood and acrylic?
    secondly, i have to ask you one thing that I had dispatched laser diodes from DVD. Connecting diode to battery its working fine but laser light is not much powerful. Moreover, what should be next step to check whether it is burning/engraving or not?

    • IT-Wizard says:

      First I have to ask if it is a Laser from a DVD-ROM(reader) or DVD-RW(burner) ?
      The DVD-RW laser diode is the most powerful. It is used in both project.
      This diode will be strong enough to engrave wood and acrylic.
      Is you see the Instructables project, there are examples of wood engraving.

      Second, you will need a laser diode driver. This is needed to regulates the power.
      I bought mine from ebay (Laser Driver 1 Watt 808nm 1000mw Diode Infrared Burning 5,88 USD)

      You may need a housing also. It comes with lens, that you can use to focus the laser.
      (Laser Diode Module Lens & Housing TO-18 12x30mm 5.6mm)
      You can get more info from the Instructables post.

      • GUL MUHAMMAD says:

        I am using DVD RW Laser diode. Secondly, can you tell me bit about the laser diode driver? Is this one of the important part to increase the intensity of laser ?

      • GUL MUHAMMAD says:

        I am using LDD using LM 317T and lens too but still same result no effect.

  3. IT-Wizard says:

    The best is to go and see the Instructables project.
    He talks about putting more power to the diode, it shorten its lifetime.
    I think the driver is to regulate the voltage.

    • Paul Frederick says:

      The driver should regulate current. The level of voltage you input should easily be controlled itself. A fixed voltage, and current control gives you a regulated power output. Watts is a measure of Power. Watts is also Volts times Amps (current) too.

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