USB-to-UART CP2104-MINIEK (mini evaluation kit) available for $5

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USB-to-UART mini evaluation kit

Viswa wrote to us about the USB-to-UART CP2104-MINIEK (mini evaluation kit) from Silicon Labs available for $5.

Via the contact form.

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  1. Joshua Franz says:

    How does this compare to the FTDI USB to Serial devices? They look really cheap…

  2. ben says:

    Should be worth noting that the cheapest shipping (at least for me in California) is $26.00.

    And of course you don’t find out how much it is until you’ve given up all your personal information / email etc.

    ****************** BEWARE ***********************

  3. jbeale says:

    Oops! Thanks for letting the rest of us know, anyway!

  4. jbeale says:

    Seems hardly worth the bother when USB-UART devices are available for $2 (including shipping) from ebay. You can get either CP2102 or PL2303HX at that price. Maybe they are knockoff clones, but they work for me.

  5. Ashiful says:

    You can buy it from Mouser and use the economy shipping. I think it’s $5.

  6. Thomas says:

    As of right now, mouser has 77 in stock for $5. Definitely worth adding to my next order. Seems way nicer than one of those crappy ebay fake PL2303HX adapters.

  7. Eric_G says:

    Are they still not releasing the Android device driver? I have several devices I’d love to interface to my phone but cannot because SL won’t let “just anyone” have the driver.

  8. hurr says:

    Eh? It’s nicely packaged and all, but you can get the same by buying a chinese USB to RS232 for $3 shipped:

  9. Bob says:

    I checked the site too, its $26 to ship to NY as well. So it doesn’t seem to matter where in the country you are in shipping cost.

  10. Rasz says:

    nice thing about CP2104 is it can go down to 1.8V Vio, you can use it to debug modern arm socs without level shifting

    I got mine for 3 bucks with free shipping from china, downside is its hardwired for 3.3V Vio, needs 10 minutes with a heat gun to rewire, and its missing usb clamping diodes

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