Simple SMD LED tester

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Peter over at Electronics-Lab posted an article describing how he designed and built his simple SMD LED tester:

This project is a simple LED tester and LED polarity checker. It can be used to check 1206, 0805, 0603 and 5mm LEDs. All parts are readily available and they are very cheap. Usage is very simple. Just press the tack switch to first check the battery is good. The blue led will turn on. Now you are ready to test your leds and check their polarity.

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  1. Tom P. says:

    I like it. If 3V is not enough to light up your UV LED you can use an LiR2032.

  2. RobertN says:

    Very nice… simple and sweet. Yep, been there…bad/mismarked $0.01 LEDs bought in ziplock bags online… This board is on my list so I can ditch the duct tape, leads, and battery that make up my ‘led tester’ ;-)

  3. Pin says:

    Why don’t you just use diode test mode of a multi meter works fine for all the LEDs I messed with they are a little dim but you are just testing them

  4. Pete says:

    Hi Guys
    Im the creator and im happy to hear people like the idea !
    i just wanted to say you can download the gerber files for free meaning you can send them to your pcb fab house and get some boards made
    files and more pics are on Electronics-Lab’s webite
    or if your crazy enough i also supply the etching pdf files so you can get making the boards from scratch!

    one thing to note if you do decide to make your own is this is soldered using the hot plate technique and solder paste (mainly because the negative leg on the battery holder is under the plastic of the battery holder case.

  5. Donald Berger says:

    I must have one. Do you have them built and can I buy it from you.



    954 7499985

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