Controller board for RGB LED Matrix displays

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EmbeddedCreations is working on a controller board for the 16×32 and 32×32 RGB LED Matrix displays:

I’m working on a controller board for the 16×32 and 32×32 RGB LED Matrix Displays you may have seen at Adafruit and Sparkfun.
After seeing Paul’s post on driving WS2811 LED strips with DMA on the Teensy 3.0, I looked into driving the Matrix displays with DMA and now have the basics of a driver working. The Arduino really struggles to drive these displays, but the Teensy 3.0 with DMA is able to update them at a high frame rate with CPU left over to do other stuff. I’m working on releasing an open source library for driving the displays, and want to release a open source breakout board as well.


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  1. Sleepwalker3 says:

    Well the Teensy3.1 is out now

  2. Sergio says:

    Great! Congratulations!
    Is there any alternative to Teensy as well?
    As far as I know, It’s closed source and the developer isn’t interested in publishing its details, so, a better option is more than welcome.

  3. This project uses a similar processor to Teensy 3, but is open hardware. It’s not nearly as easy to get up and running though, and probably doesn’t have enough RAM to drive these displays.

    The Fadecandy project uses the same processor as Teensy 3.0, but is open hardware and uses an open bootloader.

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