W5500 Adapter v1

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eHaJo created a pcb with the new Wiznet W5500 chip (machine translation),  SPI to Ethernet, and with the brand new atmel ATXMEGA8E5 chip on the pcb for the unique mac-address.

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  1. Gary Urista says:

    how much are they? do you have source code for microchip processors?

  2. Martin says:

    I cannot find anywhere in the ATXMEGA8E5 datasheet (or the W5500, or similar products) how a “unique mac-address” is set.

    On the following picture one can see the Wiznet prefix (0008DC) :

    The page contains the following:
    “Wenn dieser Lötjumper gesetzt ist, wird die Unique-MAC-Adresse des Wiznet Chip vom Atxmega eingestellt” (the address is moved from the Atxmega to the Wiznet Chip ?)

    Could it be that the address is pre-programmed by eHaJo in the XMega EEEPROM ? Then why the Wiznet prefix ?

    • CalM says:


      seems like Wiznet is shipping on request for every chip they sell a MAC, wich saves you to buy a own mac adress pool. On mine he has labeld the address on the back and thee is a preprogrammed firmware on the xmega that sets it. Firmware is programmed befor the device ships, the mac is in the eeprom.

      @Gary Urista price is currenly 17,5Euros inc. VAT.

  3. ehajo says:

    Yes, the MAC address is pre-programmed on the Xmega here at ehajo.
    Wiznet gave me a MAC-Pool for this PCBs, so i use Wiznet-prefix for them.
    Every pcb has a label with an unique mac on it.

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