Components storage, what do you use?

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What’s the best way to store your electronics components?  Systemstech shared us his parts storage for all his components:

This is what I use and I haven’t had any troubles with it and static.

Via the forum.

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  1. Alan says:

    Fishing tackle boxes, or “lures” – typically multiple small compartments. In pre-SMT times, I’d cut a slice of anti-static foam and wedge it on the bottom of each section.

  2. I use some cheap compartment bead boxes I bought off eBay for components. My dad just purchased a box for me similar to the one pictured but had interchangeable boxes large, medium and small that can be shifted all around for $15 from sears. He said you can purchase additional compartments if you need more larges or more smaller ones.

  3. Kevin says:

    For raw smd components I use either “7 day pill organizers” or these cool little round bead boxes which I have stacked on a dowel and labeled for ease of discovery. For populated boards I need to devise a new format as just having them lying around is getting old. :/

  4. Bithead942 says:

    I bought 2 sets of these a couple of years ago and love them for holding most of my small components:

    Plano Molding 974 Stowaway Organizing Rack

    It has removable walls so I can make compartments as big as I need to hold stuff. I take some tape and put it on the inside lid cover in 4 long strips to label each compartment.

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