Tokyo Maker Faire 2013: Hands on activities

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Maker Faire isn’t just a place to see cool projects, you get to try things out yourself. At this pan flute workshop straws, cardboard, and rubber bands are combined into a simple DIY musical instrument.


Egg drops are a universal high school physics experiment. Design an egg carrier that can survive a fall of several meters. The egg and carrier are hoisted to the ceiling, after a countdown an electromagnet releases the egg. This is the first time we’ve seen it a Maker Faire and it was extremely popular.


Two egg drop participants show off their design.


Switch Science, an open hardware company in Tokyo, put on a simple soldering workshop using a neko (cat) badge.


Electronic finger painting. The laptop webcam tracks hand motion to draw lines on the display.


There were lots of soldering opportunities at Maker Faire this year. This more advanced tutorial teaches how to read a schematic and solder several components on the board.

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