chipKIt Motor shield, chipKIT WF 32, chipKIT DP 32, and chipKit Cmod winners

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Today we announce the winners of the chipKIt Motor shield, chipKIT WF 32, chipKIT DP 32, and chipKit Cmod!  There were lots of great ideas, thanks for your submissions.

Congratulations to Wedecon Design , his idea for home automation system – Connected home networking scored him a chipKIT WF 32:

A home automation system to control motor controlled windows opening based on humidity and CO2 level in the whole house …
The project status will when started be published in detail on a weekly basis in the Linkedin group
“Connected Home Networking” – 13.000 members

Another winner is Ras B,  and his idea for a CHipKit version of a Retro-Inspired Cynare Drum Synth scored him a  chipKIT DP 32:

Id use the DP32 to make a CHipKit version of a Retro-Inspired Cynare Drum Synth( ADSR with variable exponential attack, LFO’s included) and some additional features ( Modulation related Like phaser, flanger and some basic reverb and delay- This through an additional memory chip to allow some leverage in the chips memory limitations).

Kevin won a chipKIt Motor shield for his idea:

I have been VERY slowly working on a telescope pointer for a while now. The motoSheild would be a great help.

Christophe  also won a chipKit Cmod for his idea:

To measure exact heat circulated in a house by water pipes going out (and returning to) furnace, I would like to measure difference of heat but also the water flow within the pipes (without cutting them). I would like to use the method proposed by and a ChipKit DP32 or a ChipKit CMOD: their MCU has the Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) essential to this operation. Data would be made available to a Raspberry PI for display either through the USB cable or a Digi XBee.

Thank you to Microchip and Digilent for another free swag.

Thank you for participating, there were a bunch of great ideas. As always feel free to share your projects in the forum.

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  1. Ras B says:

    Usually i am not someone who is particularly lucky with…luck (?!), but seems the odds do run in favour from time to time !
    Will do my best to keep documenting my work, as i did until now !
    Thanks to everyone involved !

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