App note: Lithium-Ion battery recycling made easy

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An app note from Maxim: Lithium-Ion battery recycling made easy

This application note describes how to recycle lithium-ion (Li+) batteries from older devices for use in other electronic devices, such as toys. This can all be done without the need for a microcontroller (or the required software). One challenge is that the battery charger in these older devices cannot usually be reused. The designer needs to create their own charger circuit, which this application note explains how to do in detail.

A similar version of this application note was published in Elektor magazine in June, 2013.

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  1. KH says:

    “Lithium-Ion battery recycling made easy” using a QFN24 device. Yeah right, in 2013 everybody does reflow I suppose… Actually I would rather not use old Li-ion batteries at all, or stuff old Li-ion up to 4.20V. I feel safer with a LiFePO4 cell, thank you very much.

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