OpenBench Logic Sniffer ported to Pipistrello LX45

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mkarlsson ported the Open Bench Logic Sniffer code to run on Pipistrello LX45:

FYI, I have ported the Demon 3.07 code to Pipistrello LX45 FPGA board with the following changes:

1) The sample buffer size is increased by a factor of 8 from 24kB to 192kB
2) The interface is changed to serial (Pipistrello uses a FTDI 2232H High-speed USB chip)
3) The baud rate is increased from 115200 to 921600 to reduce the data upload time
4) The meta data has changed to indicated Pipistello implementation

I believe this is the largest buffer size of any of the “SUMP” implementations. It runs great with the latest JaWi OLS Java client.

Via the forum.

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  1. ken says:

    Hmm…200MHz sampling.

    A Pipistrello LX45 is $150:

    Still need probes (not sure where to get them) for a logic analyzer…

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