One Time Password (OTP) doorlock

Luca Dentella has just published his latest project, an Arduino-based door lock you can open using time-based OTP codes (compliant to the RFC 6238). “The simplest way to generate those codes is the use of Google Authenticator, a free mobile app. I’ve also prepared a simple webpage you can use to configure (scanning a QRCode) the app with the same secret of Arduino…”

For details and Arduino code link visit Luca Dentella’s blog.

Via the contact form.

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  1. Manuel Garbe says:

    Amazing, I’m looking for a place where apply this!

  2. Michal Czarnecki says:

    Server Room access. I found this looking for a place to buy one. The idea is that you can restrict access to a server room and force people to check in with the NOC. An engineer requires access and can’t get in until they call the NOC and get a 30 second door key access code.

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