Graphical cheat sheets for ARM dev boards

Gordon Williams has developed cheat sheets for ARM dev boards. He writes, “I got pretty frustrated working with ARM development boards – every time I’d choose a pin for some function I’d find out that it was used for some peripheral on the board – so it either wouldn’t work or it would break something else! So I just compiled a graphical cheat sheet for the boards. For example, here’s one for the STM32F4 Discovery. If you hover over an item (for instance ‘MEMS’) a tooltip will tell you what the pin does.

The full list of boards I’ve done so far is at Espruino.

I’ve done them for the STM32VL, F3, F4, Olimexino, and the 3.2″ LCD boards you get from eBay.”

Via the contact form.

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  1. Very nice,
    that exacly what i search since i have STM32F3 Discovery board to develop my project
    Thanks you Gordon

  2. Mateusz says:

    Neat! I dream of a web-based tool that could import data from e.g. Eagle/gerber/whatever files and present connections in nice graphical form.

  3. Kenz Dale says:

    Beautiful work, the color coding is magnificently useful.

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