Quick test of the PS-305D PSU

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Mats did a review of the PS-305D PSU he bought from Smart-Prototyping:

I ran some basic measurements on the PS-305D (Linear 0-30V/0-5A, 1mA Display) I recently bought from Smart-Prototyping.The internal volt meter in the PSU seems reasonably well calibrated.Then I tested the Constant Current capabilities with having a direct short circuit through my DMM. It was very hard to adjust currents below 30mA, but that is expected in short circuit mode.  I connected a 12V led bulb with the PSU set at 12.0 volt output. Now the current could be adjusted reasonably well even below 30mAI then set the PSU to 5 volts and connected it to an oscilloscope to see how it behaved during power-on.

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  1. Drone says:

    That spike is killer :-( One more Chinese thing to add to my do-not-buy list.

  2. The negative spike should be easy enough to fix with a power schottky diode across the terminals.

    I suppose that when paying 1/10th of a proper PSU from Agilent one have to live with some “inconveniences”. But having a PSU that might destroy your project when turned on might be considered to be more than just an inconvenience :-)

  3. Craig says:

    Should work fine as a constant current source for annodizing small objects. I’ll have to put a big note on it so I don’t use it for any sensitive circuits.

  4. Eric Juvastøl says:

    Greetings from Norway. My friend from Poland got me one of these and fortunately I live to regret it.
    The ps was left over night and the print board burned badly. Do not buy this shit!
    If less fortunate you will fly off in a cloud of smoke to greet St Peter.
    Alive and Kicking the PS305D outa my house. Bad construction all the way !

  5. Mick M says:

    This is a very old post.
    I bought the Korad KA3005P.
    Works fine (they updated it since Dave Jones’s post).

    There has been nothing from Matseng since the MH370 crash – I am worried.

    Mick M

  6. blodgar says:

    Matseng had a tweet on Aug 12, probably still among the living, breathing and making…

  7. Peter Farrow says:

    I bought several of these and had no problems at all.

    All have given over a year of constant service.

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