Arduino MP3 alarm clock

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Bajdi built an Arduino MP3 alarm clock and wrote a detailed explanation on his blog describing the build:

The idea is simple, an LCD that shows the date and time. A couple of buttons to set an alarm, and an MP3 module and small speaker to play an MP3 when the alarm goes of.

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  1. neslekkim says:

    I have been planning something similar for some time, but with radio, but here in Norway they are closing down FM radio soon, so I have been looking for DAB+ chips, doesnt it exist any breakouts or demoboards that can be used for DAB+ receptions?, I have an usb stick for dab radio (supposedly dab), but I cannot exactly make that easily to work :(

  2. somun says:

    The good thing is you can also play the ‘remove the correct wire’ game in the morning when the alarms starts. And of course you’d have to place it back without screwing up, for the next morning :)

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