DigiX – The ultimate Arduino compatible board with WiFi

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Ihsan informs us of Digitstump’s inexpensive, powerful Arduino-compatible board with WiFi – the DigiX:

Have you seen this DigiX board by Digistump? They are the ones who created the Digisparks as well. As a difference from Digispark, this time they are aiming high end region of the devboards.

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  1. Fun fact – we made the DigiX prototypes using our TM240A pick and place bought through the group buy here on Dangerous Prototypes! Thanks for the post!

  2. Nick Johnson says:

    I really like the idea. It bothers me that they’re using an off-the-shelf NRF24L01+ module as a daugherboard – with the antenna facing inwards! – rather than integrating it right onto the board, though.

    • Our newest revision moves it more towards the edge and turns the antenna – we went with the off the shelf module because we were out of board space and it allows people to switch it out for any other pin compatible module – like the higher power version. On the newest revision wifi has been moved to the edge where the USB and power connectors are – we wanted to make its placement first priority. Thanks!

  3. Bo :o) says:

    Being a “sucker” for everything Arduino related I think this is very interessting.

    Extremly powerfull and even the most intense user wont miss enough i/o-pins ;-)

    Bo :o)

  4. JBeale says:

    Interesting layout on that board I guess this was done by a topological router (?)

    • Yep – routed with TopoR and then cleaned up, and partially rerouted about half manually. It was the only way to get it on 2 layers so that anyone can make it – and our first full scale use of TopoR

  5. dogsbody says:

    Interesting. I didn’t know the NRF24L01+ module supported WiFi. Thought it was just a cheapy 2.4Ghz serial 500kbit transceiver.

  6. Drone says:

    What does the TopoR application cost for two layer? The Eremex site doesn’t disclose this without harvesting your personal information :-(

    • about $500 – though it often goes on sale for a bit less – it isn’t cheap and we’re not sure it is worth that much, but it does enable some very hard to route boards like this one and BGAs – I’d recommend the lite version for non-commercial use, it does 125 nets I think and two layers, good to get acquainted with the flaws of it first.

  7. StamChoe says:

    I am using the DigiX version 1.0 board, and I use Arduino software 1.0.5-r2 to write the program. However when I want to upload my program, even a simple code, it come out a error “avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00″
    I check for solution,some suggest that goto ,, change the board type, but I try out most the board, it still come out with the same problem, USB port is correct, may i know how can I solve this?
    Thank you

    • StamChoe – please come to the forums: digistump.com/board and we’d be happy to help. It does sound like you dont’ have the board selected: Tools->Board->DigiX

      If DigiX doesn’t appear in the list then you need to download the DigiX addons: digistump.com/wiki/digix

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