AVR programmer on PIC

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Jaromir shared his AVR programmer in the forum:

Just from pure passion to see how low-end PIC exercises AVR, I made this programmer.
Basically it is STK500 port on PIC16F1825. I took this tuxgraphics.org one, did some clean-up, wrote new hardware layer for PIC16 and voila – new programmer is born. It was done in one evening and night, ready to work in the morning. I didn’t bother with USB (though there is a lot of DIP USB MCUs from microchip), as It would contain extreme amount of ICs – probably one more than this implementation – and I wanted to keep it simple and transparent. One can use FT232RL instead of MAX3232.

Via the forum.

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  1. Manuel Garbe says:

    Good one. I’ll make mine with USB – Uart converter and voilá :) Lot of microchip samples in a drawer

  2. Pedro Diogo says:

    If he used USB he could probably use a single IC, the PIC18F2550 comes to mind for instance.

  3. KH says:

    PIC18F2550 is pretty ancient… The PIC18F J and K series is cheaper because they are fabricated for 3V operation. Wait a bit and buy a tube of PIC16F1459, no need for any external oscillators…

  4. Darren says:

    Why bother with an AVR if you already have a Pic?

  5. Megabug says:

    There is always one friend who can’t be brought to the PIC-side. :D You can give him this!

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