Why you should document your Open Source Hardware project

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Why you should document your Open Source Hardware project:

This specific moment, that moment when you start working on the refinements of a product to create the second version, could be a great moment to document your invention.

In fact, when you start again the production process, you already know how to do things, and also, you know what are the most complicated moments in the building process and you could leverage on this information to create compelling guidelines for folks interested in replication.

Via Open Electronics.

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  1. John says:

    Also, please use open source tools to create the hardware. This will give those that follow (including yourself with later revision) a much better chance at working in an unencumbered environment.

    It is not clear why those that are proponents of open hardware are not equally strong advocates of open software that create the hardware.

    • g says:

      Because there is no comparable open software?

      No, don’t even start the KiCAD- or gEDA-argument.

      • cw says:

        I beg to differ. I’ve been using KiCad in a production environment on some fairly complicated board setups with 6+ layers and very tight tolerances on some flip chip parts. It works pretty well. Stitching vias can be a pain, though.

    • AMS says:

      Is there a working MCAD system? Freecad tries, but is still missing assembly mode which is rather a deal breaker.

    • Rodger says:

      Because the tools aren’t there yet.

      I wouldn’t do any FPGA work with any opensource software. Besides most FPGA companies make their design tools available for free.

      The same with PCB work. IIf you’re doing PCB/Schematics work there are several free design tools out there that do the job such as DesignSpark. Closed source but who cares. It’s free.

      • Paul says:

        > Closed source but who cares. It’s free.

        That “free” becomes rather expensive when that solution dies out or is upgraded in non backwards compatible manner. And that stuff happens all the time to such “tools”.

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