LED lens converted to macro photography lens

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Here’s an Instructable by ASCAS:  Phone macro photography (HQ – using LED lens)

You can purchase some macro lenses for your phone camera but with a bit of work and a spare LED lens you can make your own. Only thing to make sure is that the LED lens is high quality so that there aren’t any bubbles or other imperfections in it which would cause image distortion. ASCAS shows us how it is done in his LED Lens converted to Macro Photography Lens Instructable.

Via Hacked Gadgets.

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  1. Drone says:

    This is interesting. I wonder if this would work with a cheap USB Web-cam to inspect PCB’s.

    BTW, this DP post does not include a direct link to the Instructables page. Here it is:


    Keep in-mind, you cannot download a .pdf of the full Instructables user post (freely provided to Instructables) without registering with Instructables and turning over your private information in the process. Instructables is evil IMO.

  2. Drone says:

    Whoops, I did see the direct link to the Instructables page on this DP post. My bad. Sorry.

    But I still think Instructables is evil…

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