ATX breakout board bench power supply back in stock

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The ATX breakout board bench power supply is back in stock at Seeed Studio. This board recycles an old computer PSU into a handy bench tool with 3.3/5/12/-12 volt supplies.

You can get one for $14 at Seeed Studio.

You can also get a Sick of Beige case for your ATX breakout board for $4 at Seeed.

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  1. Alan says:

    Match this with a power supply like:
    And you have a supply for Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone etc.
    Heck, you can even bypass the on-board 3.3V regulators and feed them directly.

    There may be prettier solutions, but it’s hard to find cheaper ones. And an SMPS that provides just 3.3V and 5V is extremely hard to find…

  2. Alan Reinhart says:

    I’m wondering why you guys couldn’t start to fulfill these yourself. Great products, all seem to be well accepted. The LONG shipping from China really puts a bit of a damper on the deal. My Arduino stepper motor work will now be on hold for 2 weeks or more while an 6 oz package wanders around the globe in red tape… sigh.

    =Alan R.

  3. Tom says:

    To bad, the amp output on this is too low for my part, i need at least 5 amper.

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