Car cassette player converted for MP3 play

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Ivan Creations wanted to use his old car cassette player (that sounds descent) to somehow play MP3 files. He devised this hack using PIC16F877A to control CECL08D MP3 player and Grundig WKC 1704 RDS Infomat Cassette player with remote control via Blaupunkt RC10 remote. “The MP3 player output signal is hooked up to the cassette preamplifier lines. The signal from the MP3 player goes through a variable resistor (cassette player volume knob) and then through 2,5uF capacitors to filter the DC part of the MP3 player signal. This is essential in order to have a good quality sound. One shall not feed the signal directly on the main amplifier.”

The schematic, PCB and source code files can be found on Ivan’s GitHub page.

Via the contact form.

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