GSM/GPRS micro development board

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Elpis shared his GSM/GPRS micro dev board in the project log forum:

It is a 70×43.7mm control board (the PCB is made from SeeedStudio) designed as a part of a bigger project. But since the beginning I was trying to make it as a general-purpose development board for the Telit GL865 GSM/GPRS module. At this version (v1.0) the PCB contains two general LEDs, one carrier connection status LED, two analog sensors (temperature and humidity), a LiIon battery charger with power path control, a reset button and the SIM connector at the bottom.

Via the forum.

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  1. Indika Samarakoon says:

    Please send spec, info brochure and price of GSM/GPRS micro development board.


    Dr. Indika Samarakoon
    Head M2M Solution Development and Architecure
    Dialog Axiata PLC

  2. Rohit Parmar says:

    I want eagle library of GL865. Please support for that as early as possible.

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