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Open source STM32 book at Indiana University:

Lucky students at Indiana University might like to enrol on the [C – H]335 Computer Structures course run by Geoffrey Brown. If they do, they will be treated to a great introduction to the STM32 processor. The lab manual for the course is freely available to download.

The course covers the processor itself and a number of hardware modules including an LCD display, a serial interface, a Wii Nunchuk, an SD card and an audio amplifier. Using these modules will mean looking in some detail at programmed I/O, as well as common protocols such as asynchronous serial, SPI, and I2C; A/D based sensors, interrupts, and DMA.

Via the forum.

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  1. gridstop says:

    Is that a $150 saleae logic bolted on there instead of an OLS? Scandalous!

  2. Drone says:

    @gridstop, you are right. That does look like a Saleae dongle. Scandalous indeed! This course should have used both DP’s OLS and the Bus Pirate together.

    But maybe Saleae did a give-away to get the unknowing students hooked. Much like MatLab, which is prolific in Universities, but unaffordable once you actually graduate (yes I know there are alternatives).

    • neslekkim says:

      According to the book, the Saleae was choosed over the OLS only because the latter have it’s guts exposed.. some heatshrink would have solved that issue though..

    • Geoffrey Brown says:

      I did try out all the alternatives — both OLS and bus pirate. The Saleae software — especially the protocol analyzers — is really easy to use. There are enough difficult issues in this lab not to complicate things further for my students. But, I think it’s obvious that I’m a supporter of open source.


  3. Bejhend says:

    I’m currently in this class. I think its rather interesting.
    We’re starting our final projects now and I’m really excited to get started.. I’m not excited about how tiny our LCD screen is. but well make do.

  4. neslekkim says:

    It’s an download..

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