TM220A pick and place arrives

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Currently made it half way up the stairs.

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  1. varun says:

    wow :-) unboxing video … coming soon ?

  2. vimark says:

    un-crate-ing maybe? that looks big

  3. varun says:

    ya.. Uncrate-ing video to follow soon may be Ian is busy videographing.. cool

  4. systemstech says:

    I want to see the video of Ian carrying the box up the stairs. :)

  5. systemstech says:

    Was it a wood crate or cardboard box?

  6. systemstech says:

    You have been excused from going to the gym today. But now you must cook your brain trying to understand Chinese menus. :)

  7. JesseJ says:

    You might consider doing what the Dutch folks do. Have a boom installed on the outside of your site, located next to a window you can put things through. I read where many of Holland’s home architects originated as ship designers, where narrow, steep staircases are the norm.

  8. Callen says:

    I could go with narrow and steep, but add that nice twist at the top with the SLIM steps at the right edge… yikes! Not a place to leave after too many beers for sure. One misplaced foot on the way out and you’ll be in a pile at the bottom in no time.

  9. Yikes! Be careful! Or else someone will need to do an open source hernia healing device!

  10. eLLi says:

    Ian, you might want to invite Dave from EEVblog for some canyoning :-)
    Joking aside, i hope you didn’t hurt yourself lifting that crate…

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