VHDL tutorial using Xilinx CPLD


We’re always looking for good information on programmable logic devices, projects and tutorials. In our quest we discovered this tutorial on VHDL programming by the crew from StartingElectronics. The course is geared toward beginneers and provides a good introduction to the VHDL language through a series of tutorials that demonstrate the use of VHDL running on a Xilinx CPLD. Each lesson contains a good balance of code, the circuit designed, and the logic theory the project implements.

The tutorial focuses on the XC9536XL CPLD from Xilinx as implemented on the tutorial author’s homebrew CPLD board. Since the XC9536XL is a smaller version of the XC9572XL used in our CPLD Development Board, the tutorial can be used with the DP board as well.

You can get your own CPLD Development board for $15 and start learning VHDL programming.

  1. Tony Ennis:

    Cool beans. But you’ll also need a BusBlaster or some other mechanism to program it.

  2. Drone:

    There’s a link to a single chip (74HC125) parallel port Xilinx programmer on the tutorial site. There are detailed instructions on how to build the programmer and the interconnecting cables. A parallel port (LPT) card for your PC costs less than ten bucks and is very easy to install. See here:


    The tutorial is nicely done by the way…

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