PCB a Week 6: GolGrid Conway’s game of life emulator 4×4 LED modules

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Mats continues his challenge of designing one PCB every week. In week 6 he came up with GolGrid, a Conwat’s game of life emulator 4×4 LED modules. The modules are designed to accept commands over the UART protocol, and set or clear the corresponding LEDs.

This weeks PAW will be a similar board, but SMD and using a small and cheap 14 pin PIC as the board microcontrollers. Unlike the Dropout board that have an elaborate communication between the boards to determine the next state of the grid my boards will merely be slave boards that only displays what the master tells them to display on the leds.

So one of the boards in the array of boards will have a more powerful PIC on it that will act as the master and send the grid updates to all slave controllers. The master board will probably also have a USB port for both power and maybe to upload data from a PC to be displayed on the GolGrid array.

Via the forum.

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