Workshop Update for January 16th, 2013

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BP_edu kit

We continue working on the Bus Pirate Education Kit, and the VFD module. We also made the video a day early which covers the above mentioned projects.

In Bus Pirate firmware we’re working on adding a ‘clutch’ mechanism to our protocols. It came about due to the fact that under some protocols the device connected can be powered up through the protocol pins.

The planned patch will split the setup routines into two parts, one that activates upon entering a protocol and records the UI given settings, and another that makes the hardware connections when power supplies are switched on using the ‘W’ command.

The user will be prompted with a warring letting him know that the protocol setup will be implemented only after he turns on the power supplies. This means that even if you don’t plan on using the power supplies you’ll need to turn them on, leaving them unconnected of course.

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  1. GurI says:

    This is Awesome , I am a huge fan of BusPirate and we are trying to get it fabricated in our labs,
    Hope this workshop will make us understand periferals even better ..

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