Simplify Eagle library part creation from BSDL files

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Here’s a tutorial on how to automatically generate Eagle parts from manufacturers’ BSDL files. These files are available from some manufacturers and include tables listing pin names and numbers. This information is used by the make-symbol-device-package-bsdl.ulp to generate your device.

On our wiki we have a tutorial on how to built devices for your Eagle Library manually. For other Eagle tutorials check out our list.

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  1. smashbits says:

    That should make it easier to create models for complex devices that support Boundary Scan and thus have a bsdl file. You can find many bsdls on which saves you registering on all these manufacturers websites.

    I wonder if the same thing would be possible with IBIS files? Will have a look into it…

  2. Thank you a lot ! But is it possible to do this if you have only IBIS model ?
    Or from OLB library ?

  3. Alex says:

    I tried doing this method on a part I wanted to import, but I kept getting the error
    “untitled~symbol.scr is missing!”

    Where can I find this script?

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