8 digit 7 segment display with SPI interface

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Raj designed this 8 digit 7 segment display with an SPI interface using a MAX7219 display driver:

The SPI7SEGDISP8.56 module can be interfaced with any microcontroller that has 3 I/O pins available. If the microcontroller features a built-in hardware SPI, then the display module can be interfaced as a SPI slave device. In that case the SPI signal lines SDO (serial data out), SCLK (serial clock), and SS (slave select) from the microcontroller can be directly connected to the DIN, CLK, and LOAD pins of MAX7219. The LOAD signal is active low.

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  1. Anon says:

    OK, not knocking what he did here. It’s cool. But why not just buy something that’s already put together that uses the same driver and costs much less? http://dx.com/p/8-segment-led-display-board-module-for-arduino-147814

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