Free TI breakout boards

Goran provided this quick tip: “TI has some free breakout boards right now – even shipping is zero cost.” Check the TI estore for details and availability.

TI says the board involved is “the DEM-OPA-SO-1A demonstration fixture helps designers evaluate the operation and performance of TI’s High Speed, Wide Bandwidth Operational Amplifiers. This unpopulated PC board is compatible with products offered in the 8-lead SOIC (D) package.”

Via the contact form.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Thanks :) I’ve got a few SOIC’s I’m prototyping with. Better than dead-bugging.

  2. Sleepwalker3 says:

    Thanks Goran (and MachineGeek), I sent off for mine a few days ago when this post showed, mine arrived today. I got 3 lots of different boards, DEM-OPA-SO-1A, DEM-BUF-SOT-1A and DEM-OPA-SO-2B, all sent by Fed Ex – Not bad considering they had to come all the way from Texas to Down-Under. I am in the industry, so it’s legit. I don’t have an application for them just yet, but I do have a project where I may need these and had already been looking around, hence me nabbing these while they’re around. I’ll post pics in the forum. Again thanks for the tip!

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