Workshop Update for December 13th, 2012

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Today we edited the Tokyo Hackerspace video. Scanned receipts for China and Japan trips. Erected LED-adorned holiday post.

We decided to add an update to our protoboards inspired by Adrian’s comment. The QFP breakouts now support two pitches. Three combos will be available covering the most common pitches (0.8mm+0.65, 0.8mm+0.5mm, and 0.65+0.5mm)

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  1. vimark says:

    btw, these boards have micro USB footprint too under the mini-B USB

  2. Sleepwalker3 says:

    Any room for a 2.1mm Barrel Jack? Any room for that L shaped SMD mount pattern, like another protoboard I saw on DP (DP6037)? Probably not, there’s a lot of good stuff on there already and this looks like a great board. Pity this wasn’t about now, I have a little project in mind with 0.65 QFP. Looks like a nice, well though out board – Good work guys :)

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