EHSM open source meeting in Berlin December 28-30

Kaspar writes informing us of the premiere of the uniquely named Exceptionally Hard and Soft Meeting (EHSM) which will be held in Berlin, Germany on December 28-30, 2012. “EHSM is turning out to be something like the OSH Summit this side of the pond. Online sales are closing on the 16th so I am just helping in a bit of a publicity push.”

Visit the EHSM website for a full list of speakers and more details.

Via the contact form.

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  1. megabug says:

    Well at the same time the 29C3 is taking place in Bonn… which imho is the event to go to! :D

    Maybe I’ll be there this year.

  2. han hon says:

    Bonn ?
    According to it’s Hamburg, what a shame, I would have loved to attend BOTH EHSM and 29C3 !

    and according to one of CCC’s guys, EHSM sounds more interesting :

    take with a bucket of salt, of course.

  3. megabug says:

    Oh, of course Hamburg! Wasn’t really awake when posting. Sorry.

  4. Kaspar says:

    Thanks for blogging this! We will be streaming the talks live at:

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